How to Build A Camper Van – Globe Cruiser

Building the Globe Cruiser

Building the Globe Cruiser

In this booklet inside of the blog, you can read and learn the whole process of turning a normal van into a perfect house on wheels for your very own home on the road.

Step 1: Chosing The Van

Step 2: What Are Your Needs?

Step 3: Planing

Step 4: Chosing The Right Materials

Step 5: Electricity Layout And System

Step 6:  Isolation

Step 7: Ventilation

Step 8: Water-supply System

Step 9: Refrigirator

Step 10: Wood Working

Step 11: Floor Carpeting

Step 12: Electricity plug up

Step 13: Wood installation

Step 14: Window tinting and shielding

Step 15: Outside Equipment

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