1 I am…

let’s meet each-other…


Deep Soul Surfer - My Passion, My Dream, My Story

Deep Soul Surfer – My Passion, My Dream, My Story

One I am….
and I am one…

with People, Surfing, Traveling, Music, Life spirit, Nature, Camper and the whole of The Universe….

My dream is unconditional freedom, my true passion is life and good-hearted people, I connect with every day of it… exploring every world of The Earth and beyond.

Statements that most support my day to day drive:

Live every minute over every limit!

When something looks impossible…. take another point of view.

“If you take no part in the design of your future, it will be designed by others,  for you.” Edward De Bono

It’s not a problem, it’s a lesson learning time.

I will either enjoy getting what I want, with this particular approach, at this particular point in time,
or I will enjoy learning what I need, to get what I want or even better.

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