Rainbow Country @ Peniche, Portugal

Rainbow Country, Portugal

Rainbow Country, Portugal

Feel Like Dancing, Dance Cause We Are Free

Today was a bit of a changing weather day here in Pencihe. There was really hot sunny morning, and just as I was to leave to the beach, there was a huge rainy storm taking over the clear deep blue skies. So I decided to finish my work, which was falling a bit behind, cause of all the good swells in Heart of the Ocean . . . and also in the mind’s heart.
I must admit, that some time livinge here in Peniche there was some doubt present if this is the right direction of my life to take . . . I’ve came almost to the point of deep worries . . .
And than today, while I was going to the shop with my sister, we passed a rocky ocean cliff, with this magnificent sight to be seen over them.

Rainbow @ Peniche Portugal

Rainbow @ Peniche Portugal

Rainbow From The Ocean, Peniche Portugal

Rainbow From The Ocean, Peniche Portugal

And while being deeply amazed by all the colours over the ocean skies, the feeling of the song overflew all my sesnes in the body and all the flows of the mind were instantly directed to the song of Bob Marley – Rainbow Country

The lyrics of this song are amazing, especially the part:

Feel like dancing 
Dance cause we are free 

I got my home
In the promise land 
But I feel at home 
Can you overstand 

Said the road is rocky
sure feels good to me
and if your lucky
together we’d always be

Are you really rideing?
the sun is a risin’
the sign is a risin’
Moon is rising

And just this simple marvel of the nature made the border of deep worries move far away . . . I’ve got my home in the promised land and tough the road is rocky, sure feels good to me . . . and if I’m lucky together we’ll always be

The great Ocean and me.

Rainbow Country - I've got my home in the promise land

Rainbow Country – I’ve got my home in the promise land

Obrigado Peniche, Obrigado Portugal

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog link here. Peniche and Baleal are gorgeous! I am already missing my holiday.

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