Big Wave Spot Of Nazare

The City Beach Of Nazare

The City Beach Of Nazare

Yesterday the waves were messy, the weather was wet and windy . . . so no surfing again for this day. We decided to go up North, to a surfer’s city of Nazare and check out the spot where Garret McNamara drove the 90-feet monster of a wave . . .

It’s a truly enchanting place; the spot, the city, the cliffs and the Ocean. It’s too bad the weather was not sunny and the Ocean was flat . . . but than again, on some different conditions we would’ve been surfed-out to the bones and in deep souls, here in Peniche.

But the good swell is coming, I can feel it!
And my tube . . . coming closer.

Already on it’s way.


  1. the cover reminds me of Immesouane, Morocco Have you ever been? I know its not quite large.

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