Just One Day In Peniche

Today I woke up, after the first night of truly good sleep, on the cliffs of Conscolescao. Was a great sight of the first light of the day, slowly climbing over the horizon and lighting the land inch by inch.

First Light Of Peniche, Surf Spot

First Light Of Peniche, Surf Spot

The sun felt even better as there was rain forecasted for this morning. But the look on the waves was not as nice and this was forecasted correctly. There is a massive storm coming to Canary Islands, passing really close to the coast of Portugal,  giving high un-arranged mess of waves to the surf-spots of Peniche, Portugal.

Martins Lodge Surf Hostel

Martins Lodge Surf Hostel

After my working morning session in the House of Surf School Tribu I headed up to Martin’s Lodge surf hostel to have coffee with my firends, who are living there. They have decided to go to Berlenga Islands trip and were just leaving. They asked me if I want to join them, but the money situation in this time allows me not to spend it randomly, even with the discounted price, you get when you take that trip while staying in Martin’s Lodge Surf Hostel.
+ I had a lot of things to get done.

Finally I’ve got some money, after surviving the first 5 days here with almost no money. So I could go buy the car radio for the van, find an car-electrician to connect it, go to the Custom Glass surf repair to visit my friend and do some special shopping and than finally just enjoy some good music while driving around. They stole my car radio in the spring while surfing here, and up until now, I hadn’t had the money to buy a new one. And driving around in silence (with the sounds of a 20-year old diesel engine) is just not pleasurable.

After doing all that, I was in the kind of feeling to really move in into the van, clean it, wash it,  make everything working and make it super-comfortable for the 2 months living-on-the road adventure.

Working Mode - Globe Cruiser Surf Van

Working Mode – Globe Cruiser Surf Van

And it’s now just a perfect feeling. Working in the van, with cold beer in the fridge, with everything clean and in it’s place, with nice, lovely reggae music playing inside.

I know, I should do this the first day I was here, but you know, there was really great waves . . . on the ocean and in the mind. And if I learned something from surfing, I’d say one of the most important things is to take advantage of the opportunity as it presents it self. The independent of conditions things, like cleaning and tiding up can be done at any given moment
Strike the hammer when Iron is hot, Bob Marley is just saying on the radio 😉

And that is how it goes. There is a day for everything.

And now to get me completely clean, to than relax the evening entirely, at the top of Peniche, at Martin’s Lodge Surf Hostel breathtaking terrace.



  1. I’d love to have a camper!!! 😉

  2. “surf van” of course, sorry 😉 *lol*

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