Surf Chill-Out Music

Exactly 7 days from today, I will be airborne on the flight to Lisbon with my friends Domen and Ana . . .
on our way to another great surfing adventure.

Chill-out Ocean

Chill-out Ocean

It’s kind of a mixed emotions day.
On one hand it’s a feeling of anticipation. I truly can not wait any longer to catch some wave!
From this point of view; It’s a loooooong seven days to go.

Let's Go Surfing

Let’s Go Surfing

And on the other hand there is a feeling of urgency of all the things needed to be done with my companies, before my personal form leaves them for a while.
From this point of view, it’s going to be very short seven days, as it almost feels like there is not enough time left to do everything.

It’s a strangely funny feeling.
The fact that people experience time subjectively in such a way, amazes me deeply. As, actually none of those time perceptions mostly have no connection with the actual reality of every moment.
And when two opposite perceptions are clashing together in the distortion of the perception of reality in the same moments, it creates quite an amazing productivity levels.
It’s useful, but very exhausting.

I am truly looking forward to calm chill-out surfing days in Portugal,
but for this evening all I can have is that same feeling, here at home . . .

with the Deepest Soul Surfing videos and songs, which I am sharing with you.

Enjoy the tunes and the dreamy surfing scenes.

Master Kelly Slater - Lip Ride, Sunset Rip Curl Pro 2011, Supertubos, Portugal

Master Kelly Slater – Lip Ride, Sunset Rip Curl Pro 2011, Supertubos, Portugal

This music always helps me to focus in to the pleasant feeling of anticipation part of reality. A way to relax your mind and body completely and than be able to focus in on the million and one task on the tomorrow’s To-Do List.



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