A Sunset Magnifique, To A Sunset Unique

I remember this sunset many times. It was the very first sunset of this year. We were on our Christmas – New Year surf trip in Thagazout in Morocco.

As I do every year I went to watch the sunset alone and review the year that ended and make decisions about the new direction you wish to take in the upcoming year.

New Year Sunset Of Morocco

New Year Sunset Of Morocco

And the sunset was just simply amazing. And just when you think the sunset sensation of the New Year’s is day over, it turned into . . .

Unforgettable Sensation New Year's Sunset, Morocco

Unforgettable Sensation New Year’s Sunset, Morocco

an spectacular ending, with unforgettable sensational experience.

This sensation of the setting sun, and the sensational feeling throughout my core and the whole of my feeling body, kind of set the amazing direction of events that followed this year. It’s a tough year tough, but I can’t remember any truly great being easy.

Love this year of 2012!

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