Dry Land Wave-Surfing @ Carver Skareboard

Old School Skateboardig In The 60's

Old School Skateboardig In The 60’s

The problem of not being able to surf on the wave-less days by the Ocean was solved in the 60’s, by the surfers of California. Thanks to them, now even people, leaving in the wave-less countries without the Ocean to do any kind of wave surfing, to do something like that and get stoked without the waves.

Since than the whole industry developed into many varieties of the basic idea to put 2 pairs of wheels wheels on the bottom of a wooden plank.

Now we have short-skatebaords, long-skateboards, speed-skateboards, trick-skateboards in many different shapes, varieties and abilities. And they all offer a kind of sensational pleasures of riding a board.

Skateboard varieties

Skateboard varieties

And lately, the company Carver Skateboards have released their carver- C7 boards, which is actually moving like a surfboard on a wave. This video, should give picture the right image  about what I have to to tell you.

It’s a truly fun experience to be riding the Carver C7 skateboard. You never have to step down from the skateboard, you just pump it, the same way you pump the surfboard to gain speed. The secret of the carver C7 is the front axis, which moves over an almost 180 degree angle. And the suspended spring below the axis allows the skater to pump the skateboard rather than pushing it with the legs.

It also allows to a skater to ride this board on a wall and make a sharp turn, with wheels completely on the ground. Kind of a wall ride. The body movement is exactly the same as by making a top turn on the wave.

Dry Land Surfing Carver Skateboarding - Half Pipe

Dry Land Surfing Carver Skateboarding – Half Pipe

And the feeling is almost exactly the same stoke as in surfing the wave. And the watery-blue half-pipe ramp gives an even more similar sensational feeling.

Carver Skateboarding - Half Pipe

Carver Skateboarding – Half Pipe

Carver Skateboarding - Half Pipe

Carver Skateboarding – Half Pipe

Except in the case when you fall . . . it’s still much softer to land in the water, than to the ground. Altough with carver surfing, you dont have to paddle to the line up again.

But in any case, surfing the ocean or surfing the ramp,
by the end of the day, you will definitely have pain in the body
and in dreamy heaven in the mind

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