What If The Next Wave Never Comes?

What If The Next Wave Never Comes

What If The Next Wave Never Comes

While surfing on blogs yesterday night I’ve came across an really interesting article on Ola Nina Blog about  an organization Surfers Against Sewage, SAS.

They are raising public awareness about the growing pollution of the Oceans and human facilities that are destroying the Oceans, the Beaches, the Waves, the Surf . . .

This thought:

“What if the next waves never comes”

Kind of picture an image in your mind that I don’t want to imagine! Even if I just think about it, the thought evokes a tight, unpleasant feeling in my heart area.

Don’t let this happen.
Please, from my heart . . . help us save our Planet’s most valuable and unique asset. The Ocean

R.I.P. Surfing

R.I.P. Surfing

You know, just sometimes I really feel ashamed to be a part of the human race. The ocean makes our planet unique from all the planets we have been able to explore so far. Still we mostly act like selfish bastards, spending our energy and time on: what’s mine and what’s yours, where one stupid border for 5 kilometers of Adriatic coast is, who do we like and who do we hate and lots of, pretty much senseless things like that.

Not ever realizing that if we keep doing that, soon there won’t be nothing for no one.
In general, we are like a virus for the very source that is enabling us to exist.

I'm Afraid You've Got Humans

Help save the ocean, save life.

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Superwave, Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal

Superwave, Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal

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