Bellow The Sky Of Stars – Above The Planet Of Ours

Milky Way Sky  - Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Moonset

Milky Way Sky – Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Moonset

A coupple of nights back we were with a friend of mine, having an evening picnic dinner near the river.

Nice Camp Fire

Over a truly pleasant conversation by a nice, warm camp fire, we kind of lost sense of time . . . and before we knew it the pastel-colored orange-pink sky started to light up in small lights.
The stars were coming out.

It was really an amazing feeling to just lie under this vast, endless field of stars. The more time you look at this sky, the more and more stars start to reveal itself. And the whole field starts to get a clear 3-D impression. You can clearly see. which stars are closer, which are more far away, smaller and bigger. And you can’t really clearly tell, is that one star bigger or closer, copared to her “neighbouring” star. It’s kind of a fun confusion.You can see planets and the amazing line trough the middle of the sky . . . our home Universe, The Milky Way.

We’ve had a fun time exploring the stars, star compositions and alignments with the iPhone app, called Star Chart. It’s really one of the most fun apps for this awesome device.

Gemmini Star Aligment

Gemini Star Formation

The most interesting star formation we’ve found so far is the Gemini star alignment. Which is forming a picture of 2 humans hugging each other over shoulders. Get the picture? It’s really unifying feeling – seeing freindship and twin souls . . . are “written in the stars”. Or rather drawn 😉

Every time I watch the stars like this. I really start feeling so small, tiny even. What really is one small blue planet in this endless space? It’s literally nothing. And we make our global challenges so universal, as we would be forgetting that there is a whole wide world behind our sky, we so love to limit ourselves with.

I love the clear night sky. It’s like a door peak-hole into the worlds of power we are yet to explore . . .

New Star System Being Borned

New Star System Being Borned

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