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Deep Soul Countries (58)

Deep Soul Countries Of The Earth

It will soon be a month since I’ve started writing my blog at WordPress.com. I’ve always wanted to do this kind of blog, and than just one day . . . when I was ill on my surfing trip at Portugal and I decided not to be bored and just started writing.

I know I love writing since the secondary school. I loved to write essays and my teachers for Slovenian and English language loved them too.

Since 2008 I was building my first website for my company. Was fun, I was able to write about, like a page in 3 days . . .

But now with WordPress it’s so much different. I really, truly, deeply started to love writing. I sometimes write 3 or even 4 posts per day. It’s just like this effortless flow of inspiration and motivation is flowing out trough words.

I truly enjoy the feeling of uncovering my passion which beautifully co-exists with all my other passions of life.

A kind of true happiness sensation feeling.

Earth and Moon

Thank you WordPress.com for puting up such a wonderful, easy-to-use, effective service.

Thank you Surf Club Tribu, for the best possible meeting with the waves of The Ocean and teachings to surf them.

Thanks to my family, for endless support in all my crazy ideas.

Thank you . .. Jernej Rakuvšek, Your “Teachings Of The Ocean” book was a great inspiration for the start of this blog

Thanks to my Teachers: Marija Hlebanja, Iztok Mulej and Alenka Rozman, for encouraging my talent and their true support trough my wild teen-age years.

And an truly deep thank you to You . . .
and all the readers and followers from 58 countries earth-wide.
It’s a great motivation for my pasion, that my words are reaching the world.

Thank you
and see you in the real world


  1. This is your best post of all, and all the others are pretty darn good, too!

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