How To Loose 15 kg in Just 30 days – Natural All The Ways

Eating Healthy

Ginseng Root

This is obviously the most important thing. I was trying to loose wight mostly by just doing exercises. But since I started eating right and healthier food. It just happened that in a 30 days time, I came from 96 kg to now just 82 kg. After of course doing sports and exercise. But this two natural roots, called “superfoods” have dealt with super fat, super fast.

Maca Root

Maca Root

One is Maca root from the Andes in South America and the other is Ginseng root from China.  They both have super great effects on humans and were used since the B.C times. For more detail, please check the links. But the most important for me are; the energy and focus increase, strength increase and clearer, more rooted thinking. And after 30 days of use I have noticed this super fast fat burning effect. They also say that it has dramatical improvement effects on sex. Well I can’t quite say if it’s better. It’s always good, and it depends on other things and… hm, people too 😉

Anyway, to loose wight effectively, people should start at the root. And in this case with the root(s)

Eating right

It has been thousands of articles written about the topic of eating small meals 5 times a day in one systematic order. This is really important. Eat small meals 5 times a day. The first thing in the morning should be eating breakfast and stop eating most of the days before 8 p.m.

Just do it, it will make a huge difference.


Capoeira Training

Capoeira Training

I have to put more attention to this, because most of the diet tips I have came across, don’t even talk about it. Than some people get the impression they can loose wight fast without, you know, any physical exercise. Well, that’s somewhat funny way of looking at it. It’s like one rabbit would wish choose to get him self a female rabbit, but instead of moving out in to the world to get her, he would just turn on the internet and find and meet her from home. Well, they will both get him the result, but which result do you think is most effective? Yes, to get somewhere, effectively, people will have to move to some new direction.

Street Surfing Radovljica, Slovenia

Street Surfing Radovljica, Slovenia

The best choice is to make an activity which is really fun for you to do. And than do this exercise for at least 5 times a day for at least an hour. If I was to be running 1 hour / day. I think I wouldn’t manage it for even 1 day. But longboarding, surfing, Capoeira or mountain hiking. . . I can’t wait for the time of the day when I will do it. And even when I am totally tired, I still want to do it. So find yourself some truly fun physical activity to do and do it with passion. The wight will come off by itself with time.

Abs Workout

Most of the people, including me want to loose weight to feel and look better. And abs are basically one of the basic ways to get there effectively. Since I’ve started doing this 8 minutes abs every morning, I have started noticing how many work this muscles do in almost every move we make. You will also be able to notice this, because after the third day, when you start to this 8 minutes workout, you will feel muscles in the stomach you didn’t even knew you had.

It’s good, effective, and healthy.
Do it. It’s just 8 minutes . . .

And Keep Surfing


  1. We are what we eat! One of my absolute favorite dcumentaries on this topic is the well known movie “Food Matters”. Really provides you with some profound insights on how to take care of your health. Definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn seen it yet. Here you can see the trailer I myself bought the DVD because I simply had to had it.

    Regarding the superfoods I am very happy that you also consider this type of food on your daily menu! My brother and I are also very much exploring the benefits of these superfoods and so far incorporated in my daily menu maca and cacao powder, as well as goji berries here and there among others. I think we should take much more in consideration what we eat, how much do we respect ourselfs, our health and to be gratefull for it!


    • Thanks Grega. I will put this movie on a must see list (on one rainy boring january sunday ;))
      Yes, since I’ve stared eating more regularly, starting 1st thing in the morning, there has been a real overall body and mind improvement in the ability to cope with any challenge. And this naturals super foods are also helping on a large scale.
      Thanks for the comment
      and “see you” on the posts 😉

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