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Surfing Waves at Lake Bled, Bled Slovenia

Surfing Waves at Lake Bled, Bled Slovenia

It’s been 5 days I have been in my home, waweless counry of Slovenia. It has been raining every day since I’ve returned . . . which infarct was great, as I needed a really deep rest after all the great moments of traveling around.

Still I started missing surfing even before I’ve gotten rested.
So on Saturday I checked the Slovenian secodn hand online shop Bolha.com for my luck in finding a wave shortboard in a Central-European waveless country. . . And I found one. Actually there were two altogether, but this one was almost what I was looking for. It’s a 6.3 fish tail, 21 wide and 2,3/4 thick. I was looking for something like 18 wide and less than 2 1/2 thick.

Volcom Fishtail Surfboard - Lake Bled

Volcom Fishtail Surfboard – Lake Bled

But it’s either this today or nothing. So I call the guy and within 4 hours we were on the other part of Slovenia with my friend Domen, buying the board. We had a nice chat with the seller. There’s really not that much surfers in our little country and you know . . . surf-minds think alike.

It started raining that day, so we just had a nice day with surfer Domen. And than on Sunday afternoon…. finally! Some sunshine.

I immediately drove to lake Bled, get out the board and get into the water. And as it was Sunday after noon, there was a lot of people walking around the lake. Walking to the water was quite interesting. All the people were looking at me like I’m from another planet.

Paddle Sessions - Lake Bled, Bled Slovenia

Paddle Sessions – Lake Bled, Bled Slovenia

Well somedays ago I use to just don’t care about what other people think and just do my stuff. But that’s not really fair. Now I try my best to have deep sympathy for them. As for someone, whose peak experience of the week is to go for a walk around the lake, with his girl-friend he has to lie to to keep, and has to work extra hours to pay for his debt for the car to impress his/hers friends, and passes judgment to someone who is just doing what they like . . . well in my opinion he has a bigger problem. There’s really no need whatsoever that his opinion or whatever he/she does can influence my happy moments. I just surf.

A Great Swell Of Thoughts - Surfing Bled, Slovenia

A Great Swell Of Thoughts – Surfing Bled, Slovenia

And being in the water on a surfboard after 10 days was just amazing. Such amazing feeling of sliding trough the water with nothing but water all around you. Perfect.
And despite the fact that there were no waves . . . just this feeling of lying on a surfboard in the water, paddling in the position and sliding trough the water, felt just like surfing in the Great Ocean.

And while eating pizza afterwards, the same feeling of pleasant exhaustion in the back, the neck, the shoulders and the arms, occurred as it does after every day of surfing at the Ocean.

I think that , since I came to Slovenia 6 days ago, this was the most pleasurable feeling day, so far . . .

Keep Surfing


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