A Walk From Covent Garden to The Shard at London Bridge Station

Live, Love @ London

Live, Love @ London

CCTV and such:
They take away our Freedom in the name of the Liberty

Since my Scottish friend Manfred told me that each CCTV camera has it’s own monitor, told me this on Saturday I felt a bit uncomfortable walking around the city. .   Like one suspect device. Strange feeling.

Despite that fact I was feeling truly happy insight. Not only was I getting soaking wet from the pleasant summer English weather, but also the impressions and expressions of the Great United Lodge Of Freemasons Main Building were making my eyes wet, sometimes. . .  the thoughts to be meeting Julie by the Shard in few short hours were also quite exciting. With this pleasant insights and the marvelous out-sights of The Central London made my two and a half hour walk truly joyful . . .



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