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I feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal

I feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal

The last day of my living in Peniche, Portugal was very different than all the other last day I’ve had staying some place up until now. Before yesterday I was always feeling sad and didn’t want to leave my home at The Great Ocean…

And this time, I felt really good and relaxed. I wasn’t in any kind of anticipation for my London trip which started at the afternoon, nor was I feeling anticipation to go to my country of birth, Slovenia. Moreover… I didn’t feel sad about leaving The Great Ocean… because it stays with me – in my heart, from every moment to every moment…within every moment.

After eating breakfast at 7 am I started and cleaning my flat on 4 wheels. It was swiftly done with the 6 square meters of apartment to clean. Than I packed everything essential  for my life in a hand-luggage, took my surf, wetsuit and freinds for the final surfing session of that trip.

Zippy Gonçalves

Zippy Gonçalves

Before going to the Ocean, I drove to my friends, The shapers at Custom glass. These guys are really amazing and I feel we’ve became really good friends while I was living in Peniche. It’s really interasting, how people that were borned and raised, like 3000 km away, are able to connect on deeper levels. It feels like I know these guys Joao and Zippy Gonsclaves for all my life already. Defenately looking forward to be meeting them again soon… very soon.

Than it was time for surf. We came to the beach infront of the Danau Baleal Beach bar. The waves were not breaking nicely, so we went to have a coffer in that bar…

Helio Conde - Bodyboard

Helio Conde – Bodyboard

There I’ve met this guy “Orange”, again. He is a really nice person, who used to be a famous professional body boarder in the world championship of body boarding. I’ve told him about my feeling of feeling more at home here than at my “home” country. He was really glad to hear that. He said: “Man, welcome here all the time, come, show respect and it’s your home.” That went straight to my heart, comming from one local waves rider.

After drinking Coffee we went in to The Great Ocean, despite the fact the waves were still breaking quite strange, because of the low tide. As we entered the water with Maja, Mai, Klemen and Blaž, the conditions changed rapidly.

As if the The Great Ocean, did its best for my last day. The waves were breaking in close-outs. In many starts of the waves, I was able to get 3 really good 1,5m+ waves. Amazing. And after 2 hours the coditions got worse again, but I had to catch a bus to Lisbon in 2 hours anyway.

Surf House Tribu - Peniche, Portugal

Surf House Tribu – Peniche, Portugal

I went to the toilet in the bar and while passing 3 girls, sitting outside, I’ve had and impression I’ve heard them talking in Slovenian language. Coming back from the toilet I said: “This can’t be Slovenian, or?” Well, It was. So we had to drink one more coffee with Mojca, Nina and Špela before leaving. I mean had to… we’ve chosen to. It’s really interesting with some people you meet. You see them for the first time, and you just know, feel somehow you will meet them again. It really dosen’t happen often, but man, it really is a nice body sensation.

It was time… to say goodbye to the people of Tribu, Peniche and The Ocean.

We will be seeing each other again, soon… very soon

London calling – the bus from Peniche… leaving.

Aloha Portugal
Thank you for making Peniche….
my Home at heart – we will never be apart.
(my eyes are happy wet, my soul is squezzed by the overflow of the pleasant sensations swell) 


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