London Calling – Gap The Mind

London Calling - Gap The Mind

London Calling – Gap The Mind

Rede Expressos  - Portugal

Rede Expressos – Portugal

While I was waiting for my bus to Lisbon at the Peniche bus station, three girls came to me and asked me, which bus is going to Lisbon. They were really nice girls, Sara, Mercedes and Juliana from Madrid, Spain. Sara and Mercedes are really nice looking grils, especialy Mercedes. She is the kind of girl, that really makes your soul sing and and your heart beating pleasant soul tunes… Dark hair, dark eyes and a southern, exotic, cute face… aaaaiiiiii 😉
We spent the whole ride talking with Sara. Man, really nice Spanish girls… the trip to Lisbon was never so short…

Spanish Girl - Dark Hair, Dark Eyes

Spanish Girl – Dark Hair, Dark Eyes

For the whole way, I was thinking about the way, how to say to Mercedes that she is really a truly beautiful girl. But the whole way, we were talking with Sara, and Mercedes was talking with her friend in Spanish. We arrived at the Lisbon bus station Siete Rios. And we hugged and said goodbye. I went to wait for my shuttle bus to take me to the Lisbon Airport. While I was waiting there, Mercedes and the other friend pass by and ask me, where is the metro station. I showed them the direction, and than she asked if I maybe know, how they can get to their hostel. Than I said:  “Girl, I really don’t know, but I think that a beautiful woman like you, will not have a problem getting help around here”. She blushed in a smile and just said: “Thank you”. It was nothing special, but that was kind of the most I could get out of that situation…  and maybe if the flow of souls, strikes our coasts again.. we’re gonna have really nice tubing waves…

After arriving to the Lisbon airport, I went for a big meal of typical Portuguese food . It’s not the cheapest place to eat at the airport, but definitely a lot cheaper than eat in London, anywhere.

Easy Come - Easy go, Lisbon, Portugal (easyjet)

Easy Come – Easy go, Lisbon, Portugal (

When boarding the Easyjet Airplane it was already quite full. I managed to get a seat next to one African-american woman, who had 2 more places free. I was hoping that nobody will seat next to us, so we could have a seat free for easy sleaping. But the plane was full booked… and soon, this beautiful Asian woman asks me if she can seat there. (who cares about sleeping now) 😉 Yes, ofcourse, and I let her in. We started talking with this girl, Julie…

Turned out that she is from The Philippines and is studying International business in London. Impressive… we really had a pleasant flight, check out and the train ride from the London- Gatwick airport to Victoria Central Station. Again… this pleasant feeling of knowing this person for a lot of time already came to my solar plexus area of my feeling body. We exchanged phone numbers and said to meet on monday after our weekend of seminars and university lectures.

London Underground

London Underground

She helped me a lot, with the night buses to go to The Hammersmith Station, where my Beds & Bars Hostel is located, as it was already late and the London Underground was not in operation any more.

We took the night bus N11 with one guy from Switzerland, who we met on the train. He needed some help finding a Hostel as he hadn’t had a booking. He tried his luck in the London’s best hostel in Hammersmith. But as it’s a quality hostel and it is the weekend, he couldn’t get a free bad… poor guy. I hope he didn’t spend the night in some station on the floor.

Beds & Bars - Hammersmith Hostel, London, England

Beds & Bars – Hammersmith Hostel, London, England

When arriving into The hostel I felt like coming home. It’s my third time I am staying here and it’s really cosy like home… especially now… after spending 2 months in the my van… sleeping in one normal bed was… special. And this time, “my home” was nicely refurnished and it really looks amazing. Love this hostel.

After the check in I went out for my last rolled cigarette. I was smoking by the back door of the hostel. While I was there two London’s Police officers came by. I am not quite sure if that was a man or a woman. He/she was a bit big boned and the voice was quite a mix of the he/she – more like a she, but he looked somehow like a he… funny guy 😉 And “he” said: “Are you smoking a joint mate?” And I replied: “Yeah, I wish…. it’s just a normal rolling tobacco.” He started laughing and said: “I could swear I smelled weed. Cheers mate, have a great night.” That was a funny situation.

The Vibe (Surf) - Beds & Bars Hammersmith Hostel, London

The Vibe (Surf) – Beds & Bars Hammersmith Hostel, London

I went upstairs to find my room, take a shower and just go sleeping after a really hard, but smoothly pleasant day. And when I find my room… a really pleasant surfer guy surprise. They’ve put me in the floor called “The Vibe” (surfing vibe).   was truly happy. How did they know I am a surfing addict. Perfect vibe in this hostel.

When I woke up this morning, after sleeping in a real bed, after a nice hot shower, dreaming really sweet Portuguese, Spanish, Philippine, British dreams…. I felt to good to get out of bed. After lying paralized from all the nicest things, for half an hour more, just organizing my memories of truly amazing days… I got my ass down for the breakfast and do my blog posts for today. I discovered I don’t have the British electricity plug in. I went out to have a Starbucks morning coffee and to WH Smith‘s to buy the plug in. And when I came in the shop, one of my favourite “surf songs” was playing on the radio… called Heartbeats. Some salty water overflowed my eyes again (very pleasant ofc.) … as for the day of yesterday and the dreams of the night… this was a perfect song.

The very idea… heartbeats that unite in the vibrating rhythm of resonance with between the souls of people… truly amazing feeling as it is the song.

London Calling – Gap The Mind
Ture adventures await

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