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More surfers than waves

More surfers than waves

Today, the surf  forecast was correct – there is strong onshore winds blowing on all the surf spots in Peniche. All except one. The surf spot at Bruno’s Bar is the only beach, where this wind is coming like a cross-shore wind. But the waves today are quite small, so no serious swellis hitting this spot. As you can see on the image, there is more surfers in the watter than waves for surfing. And when a wave comes… 20 guys paddle on the wave and 10 are ridding it. This is surely not for me…

Sometimes when being free for a long time, you go around the surf spots and it’s strange…” how come there is so much people on the beach today?!” And than you realize; “OK it’s Sunday” Sometimes, I hate Sundays because of the crowd everywhere…

But I just have to wait for tomorrow and the waves are mine.  I went to have a coffee at the Danau Baleal Beach Bar. There was a lot of people, so I was just waiting at the crowded bar counter. As the nice waitress was making me my coffee to go, this really beautiful woman stands next to me at the bar counter and smiles. She is, lookig like in her early 30’s, a really cute face and a hot body with tiny bikini swimwear. I mean she had some half-tansparent tunic covering her body, but that just made her… a lot more sexy. (OK, she was not as hot as the woman on the picture, but she is very close)

What Will I Surf Today?

What Will I Surf Today?

So, I said: “It’s interesting, how just one normal nice day, can turn in to a lucky find in just one second. I’m William”
She: (smiles – like that smile women do – I’m deeply touched) “Alice. Yes, that sometimes happen with some special people, but I have a husband.
Me: “Hm, I know you for one minute, and you’re already telling me your problems” (in a jokey tone)
She: (Laughed) No… silly,  you don’t understand… my husband is just sitting right there, now.
Me: “Well, than we can just turn some other ordinary day in to an unforgeable adventure”
She: (got some blush on the chicks)  “Will see what days life will bring us.”

Than I got my coffee and we just said goodbye. Nevertheless, this made my Sunday day much more pleasant, I didn’t mind the crowded places any more.  And maybe, some swell of life will meet up with the swell of this woman again… who knows what the future holds…. and that’s the best part of life.

I might not have gotten this surf today… but I definitely got the most possible, of that incoming wave in the bar.

Surf’s up!;)



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