I See This World Has Made You Sad – Some People Can Be Bad

Yesterday morning, the conditions for the surf spot Supertubos were forcasted very good. We have decied with my friend Diego, that we will go surfing at 7:00 am. Somehow we have both haven’t (been able) to get out of bed. It was a bit lame, but than it turned out, well not so good…

So I have decided to do some work for my company…. and in this time I recieve a call from Slovenia. Informing me that all my bank accounts are blocked by the tax office. Yes OK, the company has a 3200 EUR tax debt. But this occured because of the inability of the country of Slovenia, to provide a basic legal framework, for the basic legaly-forced payments. We have more than 17.000 eur in the non-payed receipts in the court processes. But the legal system in Slovenia is so slow and ineffective, that maybe, my lawyer said, really maybe I can receive this money in 2014. It’s a quite uplifting news… Especialy after the event that happened in January this year.

On January 13, we had a final court meeting with one of our costumers, who didn’t pay his debt since 2010. After driving for 2 hours, I come to this meeting with my lawyer… and the costumer is not there. And than the judge says: “This meeting is not possible, because the costumer closed his company on January 11. You have a possibility to drop the request and we can do the refund of your “court” taxes (72 eur), but you have to drop your charge against your costumer (1500 eur).”

I don’t know in what kind of “fair to all people” democratic, European country legal system is this possible. To close the company, which officially owes money to other companies, has blocked accounts from other companies… and has a legal court meeting, 2 days after officially closing the company.  How is this possible?! Probably I don’t even want to know… I’ve got enough of headaches from such stupidities anyway.

English: The national coat of arms of Slovenia...

The point is, in these business conditions in Slovenia we were owning the tax office around 8000 eur in January this year. We have reduced this debt to 3200 eur, while paying the ongoing 1000 eur pe month. And yesterday, without any notice of warning, they have blocked my accounts. The notice of warning came today, a day later, than the tax execution on my accounts. Moreover, the execution and the warning notice, had 2 different amounts of debt. This clearly paint a picture in what kind of a deep crisis state, the country of Slovenia, was pushed by seriously poor managment. This, by the way is a country that suports (at least in their vision) young entrepreneurs , small companies and start-ups. You agree, right?!

I do not know, how I will spend my remaining 2 weeks on my surf trip in Portugal with 3 eur in my possesion… but I feel that things, are now really moving to totally new direction…

English: American civil rights leader and Blac...

I will get that money, get this problem out of my life and get my ass out of the dear home country of Slovenia. Which dosen’t support my ability to fulfil my true potecial of reaching the world.

Remids me of a qute of an candidate for an american president Eldridge Cleaver, used in his speach:

“You are either a part of The Solution,
or a part of the problem”

Slovenia, I chose not to be a part of Your problem anymore.

New swell has hitt the shores of my life, enough of paddling…
it’s time for me to surf… surf tubes and sick areials


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