Nomadic Way Of Living – “It’s Like Being A Snail”

Nómad-a from Nómad-A on Vimeo.

Like a snail?!
Ye I know, this dosen’t picture a really pleasant image…

Home On The Road

Home On The Road

But think about this amazing animal. It’s taking his house everywhere it goes. It has a natural ability to call the world his home. It can have dinner at one nice place with a view, than go for the other place, with nicest weather and have the dinner at the sunset view…. all in the comfort of it’s own home. In fact, the snail is one of the most mobile animals, a camper by nature. Ok, it might not move fast, but sure is mobile 🙂

Sometimes I do feel like this animal… just pure freedom of free choice, all the time.


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