My Dream, My Destiny, My Path…. My Story, To Share Forever

Deep Soul Surfer Book

Deep Soul Surfer Book

Ever since I can remember, being in the water was the most amazing feeling for me.
And now surfing The Great Ocean, has made me discover the true meaning of being; Pure freedom of traveling The One Earth in my Camper van and gather knowledge, insights, teachings and findings of the great Universal Nature of connection with people on the Blue Planet and beyond.
And share this with the world.

It is my dream, my destiny, my path, my choice to be free, unconditionally.

And ever since I have came to the realisation and the insight of the true power of the dream of Bob Marley, One earth, Unity, Pure Love and Freedom, I’m truly and deeply inspired by this person, day to day, everyday.

I feel we share the same dream… Bob Marley. Despite the fact, his spirit already left his body, his spirit is still is very alive, world-wide. More than 30 years later…  his message still is heard. You can truly feel, that his music is coming from the true depths of his pure soul.

I realised his message when I was 16 years old. Since than I wanted to be the same as him. Leave some part of my spirit, timeless, for to world to have forever and make my part of the story to truly influence the world positively.

And since that dream came to be, my paths in live have showed me the footprints to follow in acheving this chose destiny.

While being ill from too much surfing on my surf trip in Portugal, I have decided to start the blog

And the fact that my writings, about the teachings of the ocean, meditation, my travelling adventures and surfing, has reached more than 55.000 people from almost 30 countries in just one weak, is just truly amazing. Facebook stats Facebook stats

I feel this is my destiny, the one I have dreamed for, the one I am living. Expresing my self trough writing is my true passion. The one that supports my Travels, my Surfing, my Freedom, my People.

Deep Soul Surfer Book

Deep Soul Surfer Book

And from now on I am an endless traveler and soul and earth explorer.I am dedicating my life, my spirit and my soul… to put my best effort in achieving the Bob Marley’s dream – World United.

From the blog… I will write a book, which will be published in December 2013Do you want to be a part of this unfoalding story?

You already are a part anyway,
share this… for a better world today.


  1. This blog site is really cool. How did you make it ?

  2. I dont feel Ive seen all of the angles of this topic the way youve pointed them out. Youre a true star, a rock star man. Youve got so significantly to say and know so significantly about the topic that I feel you ought to just teach a class about it

    • Thank you so much for your reply.
      I was just deciding weather I should be making my “Be Your Best Self Any Time” courses in London in November this year or maybe do in the next year.
      This week I was not so sure about my self and if it is a good idea.
      And your comment gave me that little extra motivation and inspiration to do this this year.
      You can find more information on my new website:

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