The Trip To Berlenga Islands – Ended At The Start

Final Touches To My Board - My Friend Joao, Custom Glass

Final Touches To My Board – My Friend Joao, Custom Glass

After my spiritual surf sesion I drove to pick up my board at my friends,  the shapers at Custom Glas Surf Repairs. Joao, the owner of the shop, was just finishing my board. I was in question about going to the shaper, as I had only one hour to go, to the departure to Berlenga Islands, to which my friend Pedro,the owner of Berlenga Personalized Trips, I’ve met last week invited me to.

And every time I go to the shaper, it takes at least one hour…” OK… you’ll hurry, you need this board for tomorrow man!”
I did hurry, but still was late for the meeting “by the lighthouse” in the Harbour. When going from the shaper the break on the van started blocking and I had to stop and do some minor repair…. The van sometimes does this, but really rarely… it felt, like something is telling me not to go there… than I didn’t manage to find the right lighthouse, obviously… and missed the whole thing…
For a moment I was a bit pissed off at the whole situation, as I was kind of looking forward to be meeting these amazing Islands today…  But the pissed off feeling was gone in, less than a minute. I mean, if one makes the choice, that in your life, everything happens, for the highest and best interest, of all concerned and all involved… How can you be upset about the way this decision plays out in day to day life.

I decided to take a walk around the city of Peniche  and recollect my thoughts trough photography. And with the peasant flowing swell of the ocean in my body from this morning… it was a perfect day.

While walking trough the city… two toughts, worth chewing on came to mind:

Life is a beach, you are it’s wave

To find one’s true self, you first need to lose yourself.

Would love to hear your comments and opinions on this last two thoughts.


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