The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water. . .

The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water...

“The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water;
Sweat, Tears Or The Sea” 

From the book: The Teachings Of The Ocean
by: Jernej Rakušček

Jernej Rakušek - Teaching of the ocean

Jernej Rakušek – Teaching of the ocean

This morning after three, loooooong days without being in The Ocean, finally I felt healed and strong enough again, to go surfing. The Ginger Juice proved itself once again. I felt really good, as the waves of mine were truly  in-tuned with the ocean. It was seriously bad surfing conditions, for the whole three days, while I was being Ill.  So, no serious “surfing soul” harm done 🙂

And there I was… 8 am, the first guy on the beach this morning. .. Just my board, The Ocean and  nicely breaking waves. I really love making surf sessions with my friends, but the sessions that truly move one’s spirit, you make alone.

I did my shorten surf meditation, streaching, paddle in to The ocean… and just let the warms sensations of come-togetherness of the body take you.

It was not the nicest waves ever, in the real  reality. But to me… in my reality, they were absolutely perfect, epic…
Soon, another surfer joined me at the peak. We just took a look at each other and didn’t share a word. You could feel we were both there for each other spirit. As Jernej replied in his message today: “My” Book is actually, the voice of The Ocean. It calls to people that surfing is a life-skill.  It doesn’t matter weather one surfs or not, it has the true power to change every single beach into a temple of ones true spiritual growth. This is what It’s all about.”

I haven’t yet met this guy, but I feel strong vibes interacting with my energetic field… and a presence of a feeling, that we will meet…. in line up, very soon.

His statement, definitely reflects the feelings of this morning’s session… and my developing outlook on the whole deep-soul-life-water-surfing connectivity…

Think about it….
it truly is amazing, isn’t it?

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