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About a week ago, we spent most of the time together with one, really nice girl from Slovenia, here in Portugal. And she shared some  of her favourite music with me, which really touched my heart.

Flag Of Former Yugoslavia

Flag Of Former Yugoslavia

The music is from the 80’s  from the former Yugoslavia remixed into nicely flowing funk tunes. The set which you see at the top of the post is mixed by a group of  three DJs from Slovenia,  DJ Woo D, DJ Borka and DJ Bakto. They are producing sets, called “Tetkine Radosti“.

They have taken Yugoslavian music hits from the 70’s and 80’s, as well as some voices from the Yugoslavian films from the same period. For me, as a citizen of the former Yugoslavia, this brings back some really nice, childhood memories (yes I was bellow ten years of age at the separation Yugoslavia).

One Earth

One Earth

With the whole tendency of the world uniting into One Earth… I really do not understand why this separation was necessary. OK, it was build on the wrong system… but, I feel that now in the times of the European Union, especially in these times of the global economic crisis…
We can be much stronger, when we come together, once again…

After the war of the Yugo-separation, of course, some wounds between these nations were created. But really, I feel that the new-generation people are ready and prepared to re-unite again. And this music-set reflects, just another unification of music from the common history of the  Yugoslavian nations. Playing music of all those countries in the same music-set, really sets a bright light on this thought.

Music… it really brings people, nations,worlds and thoughts,  together in the most amazing, profound, unique and deep ways.

My favourite song from this set is in the end. It’s a song from Croatia from the year 1972. This song was a new discovery for me, yesterday. It took some time to find it, but now that I have, the feeling is even greater. I played it over and over and over…. and over again yesterday, while being ill on my surfing trip in Portugal, spent as an internet surfer – arranging this new blog-site;)

It was nice, as my body was really weakend, fighting the cold virus and this song really lightened up the toughts. The lyrics from this song in english would go something like this:

“For your dark black eyes, I would give every thing i own ,
without them, all my nights are just long and dull”

Sunset @ Red Rocks - Almagreira Beach, Portugal

Sunset @ Red Rocks – Almagreira Beach, Portugal

And somehow this song made me remember all my dark-eyed girls… well not only those, especially this one I like the most right now 😉
So at least that day I have had really amazingly pleasant thoughts;  kind of reuniting pleasant feeling body sensations, powered by the nice flowing waves of memories in the mind.

So it was a happy day, despite the fact that I spend the WHOLE of today on the couch, surfing the internet and used a lot of toilet paper…for the nose and stuff – like some Desperate HouseWife(Surfer). 😛

Thank you Živa

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