If The Sky Is The Limit… You Are Missing More To Life

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Elvis Jackson – This Time (Against The Gravity)
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That same day: As I was watching our amazing star, the Sun diving swiftly in to the Ocean from the sky. This tought came to mind. The sky is the limit.

Sunset at Batel Cliffs

Sunset at Batel Cliffs

It’s funny to think about this all-round accepted, general statment. The most amazing fact is, that the most usage this statment gets, is to describe one person or situation to be,  mostly unlimited. But the statment itself applies that there is the limit – the sky.

In my opinion this statment reflects the basic condition of the human race, we have gotten our-selfs into in the last 500 years. The main referance for decision making in our everday lifes come from the “thinkng mind” and the logical cause and efect structure of our world. We, mostly have forgoten about our sixth sense, “The feeling body” and the sensations asociated with it. These sensations can come, from the thinking mind to.

5 senses

5 senses

And that’s why, nowdays there is so much confusion about this topic. In modern psychology, they have labeled, these mixing of sensations of the “feeling body” and the “thinking mind”; emotions. And in the definition we, humans,  have only 5 senses (smell, sight, hear, touch, taste and emotions). But in reality emotions consist of two seperate senses, whish is “the thinking mind” and the “feeling body”. OK, they have told me in the psychology class in High-school that there is a sixth sense, called intuition. And that women, have a greater skill, natural skill for this.

Cover of "The Science of Enlightenment"

Shinzen Young – The Science Of Enlightenment

After studying the Science Of Enlightenment, by Shinzen Young. I can now say that this surely is an incorrect unuversal interpretation. I agree, after many years of human evolution, not trully being able to seperate the sensations comming from the two seperate senses, this what you are reading, right now,  may sound a bit “out there.”I understand your confusion. The interpretation o emotions as being just one sense is only possible in the world, where “The Sky Is The Limit”. In the onenes of The great Universe, there is no such things as limitations – it’s a “world” of endless possibilities and complete relativity.

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on De...

The Sky is The Limit?

Just imagine, what would the world, we know today, look like, if the former American president John F Kennedy in his “Moon speach” to the Congress in 1961 would say: ” I believe that this Nation should commit itself. To acheving the goal, before this decade is out. Of landing a man on the Moon and returning him saely to the EarthGentelman, the sky is our limit.”

Do you think, they would have suceeded in that commitment? It’s possible. But the most probable outcome of that situation would be…. the Russian dominance in the “space race” and Rusian victory in The Cold War.

One little sentence….  major global diference.
So, next time when you feel unlimited, do not limit that feeling with the sky… gaze at the Universe and learn trully to fly – it’s much easier and faster, once you surpass the gravity…

I’d love to hear your outlooks on this topic, to explore it even deeper.

Thank you.


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  2. I love your meesage which you are handing out in this blog post, one that we definitely cannot be be reminded too often about because of our limiting beliefs. Some life stories that are a part of our world are trully breathtaking and also in a sence limitless as they encompass some unbelievable acievements of extraodinary people. One story that quickly comes to my mind is the life story of Chris Gardner, the one that the movie “Persuit of Hapyness” was made after. If the sky was the limit of Chris in this case, he would probably not have achived what he did in his life so far. Although your example of the Moon speach is definitely a great example!

    I very much adore the statment of Less Brown which is also touching your topic in your blog post, addresing the audiance at one of his speaches on the subject The Psychology of success. I quote: “The way we operate is a manifestation of what we believe is possible for us. What ever you have done to this point all that it realy is is a duplication, a reproduction of what you believe subconciously that you deserve and what is possible fo your life”. A very on-point statment that can really leave you with a lot to think about if you want to. So what should we do is operate more out of our imaginaton and not our memory. Hm…..

    Great message,

    Best regards

  3. Thank you Grega, for your lovely thoughts. You are right.
    There is a quite simple process people can do to stop reconstructing the “self made” prison around them from every moment, to every moment.
    And there is a lot of statements of people, who are coming from a state of freedom of free choice at every single moment. And all very inspiring.
    And I feel that in this state, lies the key to true unconditional happiness.
    And I agree, the set of beliefs one chose to have, very likely largely influence our focus of attention on the life-path. They open or close a level of awareness. I mean if someone thinks he is stupid and can’t do something. You know, his mind will search for proves that this is true,and will reinforce that person limiting view of the world and what different results are possible, “just” by changing some core self-believes
    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.
    Really appreciate it.

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