June 24: A Day of Suffer For A Surfer

Consolação beach break surf spot - not working good

Consolação beach break surf spot – not working good

Yesterday in the afternoon I was very thankful for my decission to not got to the friday’s party. In the morning I felt something developing in my trought and  ears… like the begining of a cold.
O.K. this weekend, my body resistance got much stronger again, with the help of this Natural Ginger-Lemon-Honey power juice. But the Friday afternoon 3 hours surfing sesion with 40km/h winds was a knockout for the weaknd body.

Despite that, I had to check the waves at the Consolação Beach -Surf Spot. I drove there, with a surfboard, wetsuite and everything ready. If there would be good waves, probably I would’ve gone into the Ocean. But, as you see on the picture, there was nothing surfable at this afernoon, and paddle training sesion with the developing cold, was  not the best option to chose.

I drove a cupple of miles back, to enjoy the sunset on the clifs and think about the new direction in the journey of my life. Yesterday, was the last day of The Summer Solstice. This was the last long day, and the begining of the next period, of days getting shorter has begun.

English: The Earth at the start of the 4 (astr...

4 periods of the Sun – Sesonal changes

I was trully dooing some serious mind-googleing of all important life areas and the decisions about them. I imagined as vividly as I can, the situation,  my life will be in the time, when the lenght of the day will be the same as the lenght of the night, on September 20th. One thing is certain. I will be here in this area, probably on this same spot as I am right now… home, by my Ocean.

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