June 21: Exploring Peniche and the best office in the world – Miles away

The best office in the whole of Earth

The best office in the whole of Earth

Today, as I wrote in the previous post, is the day, which I spend alone… every year. I knew about this decission already yesterday. Still today in the morning I felt some need to go surfing to the beach and spend the day with my friends, visit the shaper and call one local girl Patricia for coffee, today. After smoking I have realized that this need I felt in the body, came from my “thinking mind” and spread the feeling to my “feeling body”. After refocusing and refining this feelings, I again felt the strong presence of the pleasant feeling in the solar plexus area, which source is external.

From where you'd rather be, Corona comercial

From where you’d rather be, Corona comercial

I went for a drive around the Peniche area, to explore some unknown regions of this marvelous area.  All the time while I was driving I was playing this song:  Miles away from the Corona comercial.  I was able to cought two scenes with the camera, which are just like from this awsome video with really calming, motivational music. I find this music motivational as one of my major directions in life now, is to live by the ocean, miles away from my place of birth. Ddefinately, the perfect music for this goal feeling day.

The view to Berlenga Islands, which are visable from almost all the places here amazes me most. One day, when the right wave of feelings will come around, I Must go there. As you can see from the pictures in the link… the place is magicaly spectacular.

Danau Baleal beach bar

Danau Baleal beach bar

After smoking on the clifs at the Continete supermarket I drove to Danau bar at the Baleal beach to do some work for my new pasion; this blog. The girl working here is really nice. She alowed me to put electricity outside, use the Wi-Fi and made me the best Caffee latte. So I was able to do my work in the best office I can ever imagine. Can you imagine it any better?

And now, when the sun is near to sinking to the ocean. It’s time to grill some fish at my favorite cliff spot and set the the focus for direction of my life for the 3 months to follow.

Some pictures of today:

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