June 19: Couch surfer for a day…

Couch surfer for a day

BAAAMM…. I wake up in the morning, and not being able to get out of the bed. It was seriously, just too dificult to move. I really should’ve got up, because I had some work to do for the company. Moreover one of the people that were leaving that morning, was a really great person, one defenately worth meeting again. Anyway it was the best decission to, just turn of the alarm clock and sleep more.
When I woke up was around 10 a.m. I barely got up and got in the house and just rolled on the couch for a moment. I was really exhausted. Probably the 20 day of surfing every day, partying and using a lot of energy every day came after me. I was lying there, thinking; “How is it possoble, that I feel so tired after a yesterday’s  rest?” Probably I was so stoked by the magical big waves which we were surfing in the last 4 days of this 20 day marathon, that I didn’t even feel the need for rest. ” Well I sure was feeling it on that day. And while lying there I started feeling something growing on my lip. FODES!

This always is a bad sign. I only get this stuff after my body resistance drops below resisting level and I always get ill soon after this. OH NO, not this time! There is no way I am not going to be suring, just because of this relatively small thing.  I imediately got out of the couch and drove to the supermarket to buy the ingridients needed for making some natural power medicine. I learned this recepie from the father of my ex-girlfriend and this is a really good and natural way to regain natural body resistance level.

After I made this special magic juice I spent the whole day on a very comfortable couch. As I am generaly “alergic” to boredom,  I have decided to start writing my blog. This  was originaly planned for after I will finish my surfing odyssey and do this at home, when there will be no waves. But with no strenght and strong onshore winds, there were no waves here too. Not on the beach, and defenately low swell energy waves in my body.

At the end of the day I felt really good, as I did everything what is know to my mind at this moment, to get my energy levels back up…. with hopes of good waves in tomorrow… “I close my eyes and I drift away” (by: Roy Orbison – In dreams)

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