A ginger-lemon-honey power juice; for a non stop surfing pleasures

The recepie for making this power juice:

The ingridients

1. Ingridients:

  • 500g of raw ginger

  •  1 kg of lemons

  •  500g of honey

The things you need
2. The things you need
  • one plastic bottele (Glass is better if possibe)

  • peeler

  • a knife and a cutting desk

  • a scraper

  • and one device to put on a bottle with a bigger hole to put the things in inside the bottle.

Throw away the pills
3. Things you do not need:
  • pills and any kind of medicine



Peel the ginger
4. Peel the ginger
  • be sure to get all the skin of the ginger off with the peeler

  •  cut the other skin of, using a knife

  • in case you do not get the whole skin off, your magic juice will turn orange at the end.

Scrape the ginger
4. Scrape the ginger
  • scrape the ginger using the scraper

  • ginger has a lot of strings and it scrapes heavily

  • after done scraping, cut the ginger with the knife to cut the strings

  • if you don’t cut the strings, your magic juice will be harder to drink

Put the scraped ginger in the bottle
5.  Put the scraped ginger in the bottle
  • A spoon can help putting the stuf trough the small hole


Put in the honey
5.  Put the honey in the bottle
  • putting the honey in the bottle second is good, because honey is quite dense and it dosen’t flow completely out of the bottle….

  • so after you squeeze the lemons in the next step, you can wash the honey glass completley with the lemon juice

Squeeze the lemons
6.  Squeeze the lemons
  • squeeze the lemons using the fruit juicer

  • put the lemon juice in to the bottle

  • and finally shake the bottle well, so everything gets mixwd in to a smooth yellow liquid

Your daily dose of pure natural health7.  Your magic juice is ready
  • your daily dose of natural health is done



8. How to use:

  • drink a dose of 0,3 dcl (if possible drink at once, cause the taste is really strong)

When ill: 3 times per day, before meal

Preventive use: every morning before breakfast

Enjoy your natural flow of your natural rescources, withou the interferance of the pills and things, you do not really need.


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  2. fuerte caralho! =) sam ta ginger….to ne morš spit, js sm mau razredču…?

    • hehe, yes it takes some body adjusting to the strong ginger taste at the start of use. I recommend, that you put, just as small amount in the glass, that you can drink at once. And maybe drink 2 smaller glasses at the begining. I woulnd’t put watter inside, cause than you just have “to suffer” more of the strong taste for the same effect…
      If you feel the taste is too strong, you can put an extra amount of honey in to the power juice. Honey never hurts nobody and tastes delicous 😉
      Hope this helps, but the taste problem will go away in 2 weeks, after you get used to it.
      And be sure, not to drink this all the time. If you use it for one month, take a month of break after it.

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